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We are just 3 miles from the market town of Settle, between the lovely Yorkshire Dales National Park and the stunningly impressive Trough of Bowland.

     Welcome to the Yorkshire Dales Falconry Centre and Hawk Experience

 The first privately owned Falconry Centre in the North of England

          Falconry and the art of hunting with birds of prey can be traced back to 2000 BC  in China and Mesopotamia.

When Europe was invaded by Huns and Asians around 400 AD they brought the practice with them. In Europe it became a sport adopted by kings and nobles and was considered a status symbol. In reality the time and cost of keeping and training such birds was beyond the means of all but the privileged few.

The position of King’s Falconer commanded a high status as the knowledge, experience and skills of a top falconer were widely recognised and appreciated.  

Today we keep those skills alive by flying our birds, not for sport, but in appreciation of their superb abilities, their beauty, and our wonder at how they fill their niche in the web of life.

       Birds of prey can be divided in two distinct types,       broad-wing and narrow-wing.

Most British birds of prey such as Owls, Buzzards, Hawks and Eagles have relatively broad wings that are ideal for soaring and hovering and, in the case of owls, for achieving completely silent flight.

Falcons are narrow-winged. Their wings are also swept back and designed for speed. Peregrine falcons have been measured diving at over 200 miles per hour, which makes them the fastest creatures on Earth.

At The Yorkshire Dales Falconry Centre we will show you examples of how birds of prey have evolved to exploit every niche, every opportunity and every skill needed to help them survive.

When you see our different birds in flight you will appreciate how they have become superb masters of their own particular methods of hunting.

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The Yorkshire Dales Falconry Centre, Crows Nest Road, Nr. Giggleswick, Settle, North Yorkshire, LA2 8AS  Tel: 01729 825160| email:

WE ARE NOW OPEN EVERY DAY but in really bad weather we may not be able to fly the birds.

Displays are currently at 12 noon, and 1-30pm



From 1st June 2015

Please note we offer no refunds for cancellations, but you can re-book for an alternative date

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